Monday, August 16, 2010

Boredom..I haz it

So yeah, the title says it all. Other than the almost disaster of a day I am now completely bored sitting in front of a computer at 3:00 a.m. typing up a blog entry. Oh yeah, it's been awesomeness. But you know you're really bored when you think about chopping your hair off and find some website with a hairstyle changer on it that you can put on a picture you upload. What? You thought I was going to say I cut it myself? lol.

I came across some hideous hairstyles and some half decent ones. But for rizzle I am seriously thinking about changing up the 'do a little, or in my case a lot, now. But here are some pics that I thought were worthy of being possibilities.....

I know, scary as a blonde, but there's only so much that little program thing could do and making this into a believable brunette was not one of those things.

And another:

The Jessica Biel. I really liked this one.

And for your viewing pleasure (or not) the Lady Gaga....

Walk, walk, fashion baby........Oh yeah, I went there. lol! What has been seen can not go unseen. Ha ha.

But now you see what boredom does to me. I was thinking as I was typing that last sentence if I should do more entries using that hair thing, only with pictures of the 'models' that they give you and have fun with the somewhat decent photo'chopping' program I have. Tell me what you think about that, sound like a good idea? idk, it was just a thought. Ok it's 4:00 a.m now so I guess I'm going to try to get some sleep and not be so bored. Wish me luck! lol.


Christina In Wonderland said...

You should totally do the Lady Gaga route. That was the best one. Lol. :)

Anna|annA said...

thought about it. and go around campus singing 'pucker face' with a lemon in my mouth. lmao.