Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Light Side of the Moon

I'm happy today. I just saw where a have one new follower. (hey new follower! *waves*) But on a more serious note I was thinking "Wow, my 'about me' says I'm a visual arts major but I've never put anything up to actually prove that." So (tada!), you guessed it, I'm going to show you the world of Anna's artwork, at least a taste of it.

~Most of the pieces you are about to see are from about a year ago to now.~

These are just two of the many drawings I have along with my sucky painting (not that great with paint):

The log that caused me to sweat to death and to have massive mosquito bites. Oh, did I forget to mention the professor gave the class almost a month to finish this project and regardless if you were finished you had to stay out there in the middle of the woods too? I didn't? Oh well, wasn't that important anyway. lol.

I had to draw this completely in the dark with little light because for some reason the same professor I mentioned above thought it amusing to watch us suffer.

Same professor here too, different class, same semester. What was I thinking? But yeah, he had a thing for these blue Christmas balls and a bust of a head. (Insert dirty joke here.) lol. Didn't really learn how to paint nor did I to begin with.

These are from printmaking:

This is from a project that I'm turning in tomorrow. So you all get the first glimpse.

From my previous project and a class favorite so I thought it to be novel idea to show all of you.

This is one of my favorite prints.

These pieces I did this past semester for my ceramics class. Stupid clay, of which most of the time did not agree with me and do what I told it to do. So what if I talk to chunks of clay? Don't judge me!! Anyway, here they are:

Yes this is clay, and no you cannot have a bite.

My whimsical pinch pot.

The angel I had to redo two times before she decided not to fall over and break into pieces. And yes, what you see is hours upon hours of piecing stuff back together, a lot of epoxy glue that will make you high, and tears of aggravation. Which in the end was worth it.

My coil pot that was suppose to be a 'white' flower with blue petals. Stupid glaze!

So my photography stuff was getting jealous...:

B&W photo with just the red nail polish showing.

Two different pictures morphed together with other objects added.

Good ol' Chester. :-)

Both from the same location. See the rail at the end of the path?

(There are more but didn't want to slow people's computers down by massive picture overload.)

The crafty stuff:

My first ever tapestry.

Tom & Jerry

Part of my Athena costume. (helmet, shield, mask, and spear)

Me representing my tie dye. *In west Philadelphia born and raised, in the playground where I spent most of my days...* (You can thank my roommate for getting that song stuck in my head.)

My favorite tie dye shirt with a hippie skirt.

I hope y'all enjoyed seeing what I do. Yeah, yeah, I know the picture quality was suckish on most of these. I'm a starving artist that can't afford these fancy picture taking machines. lol. That's what trusty little camera phones are for. :-) But anyway, I hope the trip to Anna's art world was interesting. See y'all peeps later!