Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome to Walmart, Get You *&%@ and Get Out!

For once I don't have something random to post just something I wanted to share.

We all have stories from when we go to Walmart from wanting to punch somebody because they were being extremely rude to going and getting delicious cake because we got the drunken munchies. Yeah, we all have all experienced the "joys" that Walmart has to offer. But when have you ever heard of someone having something good happen to them? ...Uh, probably haven't.
Which leads me to the whole point of this entry. btw, I'm not trying to gloat or gush about how shitty my luck can be, is, most of the time, just wanted to share how cool I thought this was. Ok, so, anyway, I was in Walmart, which you know by now if you were paying attention :-P, to go find some smootie pouch thing (but that irrelevant). So, needless to say I found what I was looking for and (fast forward) got into my car to leave. This is were my so called luck comes into play, my car would not start, it would not frickin start! *ahem* i was sitting there thinking 'well, this sucks major ones'. 'Why didn't you call someone?' you may ask, I did, they didn't answer, probably alseep. So I saw this guy two spots down on the other side in front of me and asked if he had any jumper cables. Thank goodness he did, so he pulled a spot closer which, thankfully was empty. Here's the cool part to me, the car in front of me only half pulled into the space so I had to put the car in neutral and push it forward and it was just enough space for the cables to reach. And obviously the car started because I wouldn't be here writing this blog otherwise. :-P

You're probably thinking 'we've all had car trouble, so what?' and in reply I would like to say I've never had car trouble that didn't involve calling the national guard, so this was very relieving to have it go so smoothly. So now you've heard a (halfway) good story that came from Walmart. If you've heard any others I'd love to read about them.


Christina In Wonderland said...

So your car broke down on you? Bummer, dude. When it rains it pours, right? Glad someone was willing to help you out though. That could have been suckish.

Anna|annA said...

Well it didn't 'break down' on me, per se. Going to get the water in the battery seen about Friday. It's little things that makes life stressful sometimes. And thankfully it wasn't raining. :-P Would've been just my luck if it were though. lol.